Cabin Life – September 28, 2010

Small stuff getting done.  We work to get the place spruced up for our October visitors.  But don’t think we have fall here yet.  It was near 100 over the weekend.

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Giegert Ranch Gate Repair

Today Rick (the Gate Guy) came up to remove old motors for Geigert main gate that keep shorting out when it rains.  He’s going to replace them with a motor mounted higher up so they wont sit in water.

Cabin Life – September 19, 2010

On Saturday night Tim and Ed came up to help us with connecting the transfer switch for our generator.  We got it hooked up.  Saturday night we shared a glass of wine from Shadow Mountain.  A Claret, a new wine that they are waiting for labels to sell.  It was a tasty bonus.

On Sunday, Tim had some friends from town, Paul and Jake, come up to check out our place and keep him from getting too bored while we did the work.  We got some giant sandwiches from Lake Henshaw for lunch.

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We see a rocket launch from Vandenberg

Jim at Bob’s work at the Timken told him of  an Atlas V 501 – NROL-41 – Sept 20, 2010 rocket launch this evening.  It was supposed to be at 8:29 but by reading a live blog about the launch we found out it was at 9:03.  We got to see it!  Thanks Jim.

Shadow Mountain Landscape Job Finished

Laid flagstone walkway today. Got a bonus of a new wine Shadow Mountain is getting ready to sell. It’s a 2009 Claret. The way Alex describes it, it sounds complicated to make.

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Shadow Mountain Landscaping – Day 1

We got the plants in at Shadow Mountain.  Tomorrow we finish with the flagstone.  Today was Pam’s birthday.

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Dining Room chairs fixed

Bob’s coworker and friend Judy did the upholstery for the dining room chairs that had broken cane. She’s working on a chair from the Guesthouse now, then she’ll do the other two cane dining room chairs.

Judy does nice work on our dining room chairs

Cabin Life – September 12, 2010

Ed and Linda come for a visit Saturday night and spend the night in the Guesthouse.  It was nice having them stay on the Mountain.

On Sunday, we got the gas line hooked up to the generator and tried to replace the weather seal on the garage by the house.  It’s an unusual type and the replacement seal we bought didn’t work.

On Friday, Dennis saw a modern covered wagon at the end of our road by the highway.  He heard at the Post Office that it was a couple from Ramona traveling to Tennessee by mule.  We tried to look up something about them on the Internet but didn’t find anything.  That’s quite a trip.

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Thanks to Marilyn (Dennis’ Mom) we have a picture and link for the covered wagon.

Gene Glasscock attracted a great deal of attention as he headed into Ramona in a covered on state Route 67 Tuesday (9/07/10) morning. Glasscock kicked off his cross-country adventure in Poway, traveling about 10 miles a day. His mules Kitty and Kate lead the way, and Bug, his rat terrier, keeps him company. Holding Bug is the wife of the man driving the back-up car with flashing lights to warn drivers of the slow-moving wagon.

Read blog post in Ramona Sentinel.

Gene Glasscock website.