Rainy Week

Big rainstorm has been good for us. So far, we’ve had around 3″ for the week in gentle but steady rains.

Memories 2023

Ginger with a sore foot
Pump house door blows off
Girl needing to heal.  She wants to lick wounds.
Profession bandage on front foot
In Joshua Tree
Walking with two bad paws in Joshua Tree
February snow
Dennis and Bob in San Diego
Ginger in the snow
At Awe Bar in Yucca Valley.  The Sunday Band reunites 2/26/2023.  Victoria Williams, Rachel Dean, Carolann Crandall, Danny Frankel, Bart Davenport, and Tim Paul Gray. Special guest Eli Wulfmeier of Leroy from the North.  It was a great time.
Ginger at Warner Springs chapel.  On walk after Bob helps at Post Office.
Walking with Butch, Brenda, and Barb
Brenda on hike
Ginger in the wildflowers with Dennis
Chris of Christine and the Queens at Humphrey's
A fire with Tim and Ed in April
The girl gets a bath in South Park
At a Los Angeles river
Louise and Jim enjoying a nice day
Don as a sit outside at Kathy's
Don and Dennis in Crown Pointe
Lauren and Dan's wedding reception
Eating cake
Don walks a bit
A good time had by all!  Don doesn't want to leave.
Eating in Poway before Jim's concert.  Steam train running.
Jim's Poway concert
Gary and Don relaxing.
Dennis and Louise an Margaret and Ken's Luau
Using the new Blackstone griddle
Ginger blesses Nicki's monument below
Beam ready to split and dump on Bob's car
New water tanks by spring
The spring gets a makeover
Ginger on our short walk near the Hideout
Bonny Fire in the distance
Last day of work for Dennis
Flamey Grant with Sara Petite at Ramona Winery
Picnic area walk with Ginger.  No hills for the girl.
Patti Smith at Pappy and Harriets
In Desert Hot Springs
Paint job for Cabezon dinosaurs for Pee Wee Herman's death.
Three blooms
Ginger in the backseat
Hotel life
Looking for a pee spot in 116 degree Redding
At Sacramento River in Redding
At Seaside Oregon
At Seaside Oregon
Bob and Katherine
At Cranberry bogs in Long Beach, Washington
At Clark memorial tree for end of the Lewis and Clark trail.
Walking by Barb and Rodney's in Olympia
Dennis, Barb, Rodney and Sophia at the harbor
Nap time in the car
Bathroom break in the Sierras
Los tres amigos #1
Crossing the Feather River
At Bucks Lake
Bucks Lake Marina.
Ginger at Bucks Lake
Haskin's Creek
Near Grey Eagle
Our place near Quincy
Cabin near Yosemite
Jim, Dennis and Bob in Oregon
Bob, Dennis and Katherine
Ginger back home
Pine tree has beetle damage
Brenda and Dennis roasting marshmallows
Ginger and Bob at naked ladies on Highway 76
Los tres amigos #2.  On the way to Las Vegas.
Dennis watching The Sphere
Cutting off the dead of the pine tree, and treating for beatles.
Visiting 1933 Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress Homes with Butch, Kathy, Emily, Kate, Dennis and more.
Family picture with Don September 30, 2023
Ginger with her handle collar
Level walk with the girl
Checking out Cañada Verde creek in October.  It has been running all year.
Partial eclipse of the sun
At Lake Havasu
Seeing U2 at The Sphere
Inside The Sphere
Bono and Lady Gaga
U2 and The Sphere
Turkeys invade
Claudia and Katherine overlooking Borrego.  Claudia hates heights.
Last picture of our sweet girl
Visit to Plymouth
Don at Christmas time
Breakfast time
Jim, Louise, Dennis, Claudia, Katherine and Bob
Sasha lets Dennis pet her
Dennis and Kate
Queen Pele of Cielogrande
Dennis walking Sasha
Ginger with a sore foot

Here is a link to Google Photos for a better slideshow

First Burn Day 2024

Good day for it. We are supposed to get some rain tonight. This storm should hit Dennis in Indiana on Friday with some cold air.

A New Day

Amanecer espectáculo esta mañana. Vista de Lago Henshaw.

Beautiful sunrise this morning. View of Lake Henshaw.

Merry Christmas

May the peace of the love and hope of Christmas be with you.

Money for the Needy

Money for the Needy (follow link to listen)

A new type of music license where you can give payment directly to the musician. To setup payments get a modern podcast app here. Filter for an app with live boosts. I use Podverse.