Shadow Mountain Landscaping – Day 1

We got the plants in at Shadow Mountain.  Tomorrow we finish with the flagstone.  Today was Pam’s birthday.

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Dining Room chairs fixed

Bob’s coworker and friend Judy did the upholstery for the dining room chairs that had broken cane. She’s working on a chair from the Guesthouse now, then she’ll do the other two cane dining room chairs.

Judy does nice work on our dining room chairs

Cabin Life – September 12, 2010

Ed and Linda come for a visit Saturday night and spend the night in the Guesthouse.  It was nice having them stay on the Mountain.

On Sunday, we got the gas line hooked up to the generator and tried to replace the weather seal on the garage by the house.  It’s an unusual type and the replacement seal we bought didn’t work.

On Friday, Dennis saw a modern covered wagon at the end of our road by the highway.  He heard at the Post Office that it was a couple from Ramona traveling to Tennessee by mule.  We tried to look up something about them on the Internet but didn’t find anything.  That’s quite a trip.

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Thanks to Marilyn (Dennis’ Mom) we have a picture and link for the covered wagon.

Gene Glasscock attracted a great deal of attention as he headed into Ramona in a covered on state Route 67 Tuesday (9/07/10) morning. Glasscock kicked off his cross-country adventure in Poway, traveling about 10 miles a day. His mules Kitty and Kate lead the way, and Bug, his rat terrier, keeps him company. Holding Bug is the wife of the man driving the back-up car with flashing lights to warn drivers of the slow-moving wagon.

Read blog post in Ramona Sentinel.

Gene Glasscock website.

Bob sees a fireball in the Southeast

This morning around 5am I woke up to a bright meteor shooting down the sky. You could see it burning and it was three times as bright as a brilliant Venus. It had a greenish tint. Spectacular!

Feels like Fall

Getting ready to walk Ginger, it’s 8:30 am and only 57 degrees out and foggy. Nice break from the hot weather. We still have Santa Ana’s to come.

Cabin Life – September 7, 2010

Last weekend we were able to get the concrete shower pan poured at the Guesthouse.  We got it done before our concrete bags went bad.  On Sunday night, Ed and Linda invited us to Pauma Valley for a nice dinner at the Country Club.  We also go a chance to look at a property near the Lazy H that Ed looked at to buy.  The house was a little bigger than he wanted or needs, but other things about it were real nice.  He still looking and we just hope at some point he buys another place out here.

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New Fire Station coming to Warner Springs

Everyone is out of the old fire station in Warner Springs. Dennis says the Pala Indians are selling the land it’s on (it used to be part of Warner Springs Ranch) to the Forest Service, and once it closes Escrow, they plan to build a state-of-the-art building. In the meantime, the crew has a house rented in Los Tules, and the trucks are parked across the street at Warner Springs Community Center.

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Cabin Life – August 30, 2010

A productive weekend. We continue to set up the infrastructure for our Emergency Power Transfer Switch and Generator. This weekend we got the switch box mounted and pipes for wires in from box to the generator. We took the form off the tractor tent foundation. And we started on the shower pad by the Guesthouse. First we need to build a retaining wall to hold in some rocks and concrete as well as some dirt. Then we will pour the pad on top. Last week we had an thunderstorm with 1.1 inches of rain. We had our concrete covered, but it’s getting pretty hard sometimes and we want to try and use it up next weekend before it goes bad.

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