Tres Amigos

Shorter drive today to Sierra Sky Lodge near Quincy.

Heading South

Long drive to Oregon. Thanks Joe family for a nice family visit.

Northern Most Point

At least of this trip, definitely enjoying the beautiful weather at Barb and Rodney’s.

Long Beach Cranberry Museum

Visited Cranberry Museum down the road from where we are staying. Very interesting.

We didn’t know Washington and Oregon grew cranberries.

Ginger checks out the bog. We had to keep moving because of mosquitoes.

Cranberry ice cream.

Making some pure fresh cranberry juice.

Some Rain on the Mountain

0.29″ of rain today. That’s great. A tropical storm may hit this weekend. Fingers crossed for mor rain and not too much wind.


Walking Ginger yesterday by the Sacramento River. It was 116.5°F in Redding. Today is supposed to be hot again, but only around 100° at our next stop in Lebanon, Oregon. The parks around the river here are really nice. You can see Sundial walking bridge in the picture.