Fountain of Youth

Getting Carlsbad water after a nice dinner with Jim, Louise, and Karen in O Oceanside.

How to hold at 59
Oceanside Beach Day
ATV Back in Service
Lakeview 07/20/2021


  1. We had a very eventful outing but our smiles don’t indicate it! Eventful but still very very enjoyable. Traffic was horrible and two accidents which one we were close to being involved in. My encounter with a schizophrenic lady was sorta amusing. Happy Birthday Dennis we love you and hope we helped make your celebration special. ❤️❤️
    PS notice my top matched my new Gravitar picture.

  2. I love seeing you together enjoying each other. Happy Birthday Dennis. Welcome to the 60’s club!!!

  3. Your 59 is almost over. Hope the water works but you look great I think. You all look good and love you all.

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